THE Benefits of travelling

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  It broadens your horizon

Travelling is not only one of the most pleasant activities we can do, it also has many other advantages. People who travel “broaden their horizon”, in the meaning that they come into contact with other cultures and traditions, ways of living, and pieces of wisdom and experience that will help them for the whole rest of their lives.

travellingfamilyImagine, for instance, having neighbours from different continents. Their way of life, behaviour and things they cherish will certainly be different, due to their educational and cultural background, and may appear to you strange or sometime even shocking. Even more so if you read about countries in the media, as they are often written by people who look at the World from their narrow window of understanding, being convinced they are right in everything – and convey a very false image about other cultures. However, if you travel to their countries – one by one, taking the time and interest to observe people and even ask them questions which were in your mind – you will get a much broader image and understanding, and may even give them right in several instances.

travellingfamily1Let’s take an example. A woman who lived in the Middle East, and was used from her homeland to swim in a swimsuit, decided to adapt to local traditions when she went swimming on popular beaches in the sea. Over her swimsuit she wore light trousers and a t-shirt.  And… Wonder! Although it felt bizarre at the beginning, she came to like it – as it prevented the sunburns she had suffered during former holidays, that didn’t let her sleep, but also the light clothing gives the body a comfortable feeling of freshness and prevents coral and jellyfish stings. Similarly, under the burning sun,  local people sit in the shadow – instead of roasting themselves under the sun just to get a “tan” that disappears anyway after two weeks…. There are many other such wisdoms of life one can acquire when travelling, and use them diligently in their daily life.

Not only are travelling people known to be open minded, they also have more ease in communication, planning, adaptability and… Teamwork skills.

Travelling is good for health

Did you know that? Studies have shown that travellingis certainly beneficial for health. Travelling people usually sleep better. They also benefit from a stronger immune system, lower blood pressure, lower stress hormones and – as a result – an increased life expectancy.

familyfun275% of executives believe travel is important to prevent burnout. Travellers rate their overall health one full point higher in a scale of one to 5. And 50% of doctors are convinced that an annual vacation can cut a persons’ risk of heart attack! So don’t hesitate any more – increase your health and prevent many health problems with the best medicine… just travel!

Travelling is good for education

Of course! There is no doubt that the best education is real-life, on-the-spot learning of life teachings from various places. When a youth travels, he or she is Travellinggoodeager to see new things, new environments, new people, and is much more receptive to even small details he or she wouldn’t even have noticed at home. In addition to the treasure of languages, there are so many amazing towns and places surrounding Great Britain with fabulous historic buildings, evidences of great lost cultures, and witness of how humanity and our culture developed. A history lesson your son or daughter follows at school or at the university will never be the same after he witnessed by himself the imposing Parthenon in Athens, the Coliseum in Rome, the Pyramids of Egypt… It will bring the whole history to life, letting him or her imagine the mighty Athena being worshipped by ancient Athenians, the philosophers discussing their world view at the Agora, the Pharaohs inspecting the work on their masterwork, or the gladiators fighting for their freedom or death in Rome. It will also further awaken the youth’s interest in history and science.

That being said, 86% of students agree that travelling is a vital part of education, 66% of students who travel overseas achieve higher degrees, and 67% of students who learnt a language abroad still use this language regularly.

Travelling is good for your career

TravellingforcareerAll these benefits also translate into your career. Beside facilitating interpersonal relations, communication, giving you more confidence, self-respect and self-esteem, it certainly widens your professional and intellectual skills as well. That’s why 73% of Human Relations specialists agree that a constructive gap year abroad is worthwhile, 91% of employers recognize the benefits of studying (or having studied) abroad and  83% of women who work abroad believe it will enhance their career.

The choice is yours…

travellingfamily3Now that travelling became affordable, that the Internet offers numberless opportunities for studying or working abroad, take the sweetest medicine in the World – plan several longer or shorter stays in other countries, city breaks, tours into different environments… If you travel with your partner or family, travelling will also provide you with precious time to share together, time you possibly didn’t find amidst the daily routine of working life. So take the chance, appreciate and enjoy your next travel destinations together…


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